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Welcome to Globalmon website. Your visit will allow you to know us better and know the activities we do in the field of international cooperation, co-development, education development and awareness.


Projecte EDUCA-SÒLID, Educació per al Desenvolupament i la Solidaritat Internacional als jóvens de la comarca de La Safor


Sana Logone, Cameroon

Sana Logone is a non- profitable association, which works inside the communities thanks to the strengthening of its capabilities in order to produce wealth for its own development, especially in the region of Cameroon.

Virtual tours from Huang school inaguration, Chad.

Project to support basic education to 660 children in Huang and Bougoudang in Logone Valley, Chad (Generalitat Valenciana funding, City of Gandia. Local partner: SANA Logone Chad.


We want to show our work and commitment to impoverished countries and get you close to the different realities in which we operate in order to spread our activities. We also encourage you to participate, to join our great team of people working with us either as volunteers or working as partners of Globalmon.

Our main scope is to promote education in the area of Logone Valley, situated between the countries of Chad and Cameroon. We also work with other African and Latin American communities, as in the case of Senegal and Bolivia, and our main goal is to keep on growing to accompany local communities in their development processes.

Our aim is to support initiatives proposed by the beneficiaries or by our local counterparts with the objective of achieving a fairer world where there are equal opportunities for all individuals.

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